Why Buy a LandLease Home?

Because financially it just makes sense.

If you're ready to retire, looking to downsize or even just purchasing your new home, there are many benefits to Land Lease arrangements.

Land Leased Homes means you OWN your home outright and lease the land it sits on.

If you are selling another house/home,  the opportunity to capitalise on your pre existing equity or capital,  means -  more money in your bank.

By purchasing just the home in a land lease arrangement, you can achieve great savings, therefore -  more money in your bank.

With no council rates to pay, and No Stamp duty to be paid.

You may even be eligible for rental assistance through Human Services.

A brand new, well designed low maintenance home with all the applicable builders warranties,  with more time to relax and guess what... - more money in your bank.

It's a fact that we either have time or money but rarely do they come together.

Here is your opportunity to achieve this lifestyle balance, with both time and money to enjoy all of your ultimate retirement goals.

Landlease arrangements are NOT retirement homes, they are lifestyle villages.

Please read through the pages we have included that contain some legislation, your rights, your supports. and what you can expect while being a resident at the ANCHORAGE PARK ESTATE.